Hana Fitness Experiences

Make the island your personal fitness studio with outdoor yoga and fitness classes and guided coastal walks. In a place this beautiful, you won’t even notice you’re burning calories.

Yoga for Mind and Body Maui yoga

Yoga for Mind and Body

Yoga at Travaasa Hana is unlike yoga anywhere else in the world. Not only do our instructors bring years of training, knowledge and experience to our array of varied and unique yoga classes, but our outdoor practice area and open-air Wellness Center will reinvigorate you through their sheer beauty and calm. This tropical setting takes yoga to a deeper level as you connect with nature during your practice. It's widely known that yoga is a wonderful technique to heal, detoxify and unify your mind and body. It can help fortify your awareness of movement, balance and intention, while styles like vinyasa can also strengthen your body. No matter your age, strength or flexibility level, anyone can do yoga with the right attitude and the right teacher. Add a breathtaking backdrop like the palm-lined coastal town of Hana, and you’ll be amazed at what yoga can do for both your mind and your body.

Outdoor Circuit Maui wellness vacation

Private Bootcamp (additional fee)

Do you live to push your body to the next level? Then get ready to go through some tough intervals that will make your heart rate soar during this private outdoor bootcamp. Get maximum results in a minimum amount of time while promoting all-around fitness. We'll challenge your body and your mind as we mix up the moves and the intensity of the workout to keep you motivated, all the while being surrounded by 360˚ views of stunning Hawaiian scenery. What truly makes our bootcamp unlike any other is that we'll exercise using the natural landmarks around our beautiful Hana property. Of course, our bootcamp wouldn't be complete if we didn't hit the beach! Get ready to see the features of Hawaii’s coast in a new light as Hana becomes your new gym.

Coastal Workout Hawaii fitness travel

Coastal Walks

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, and when you’re spending the day in paradise, why not start your day by immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Hana? As your explore Maui’s coast, look out for the famed "canoe plants” that were brought to Hawaii by the first Polynesians over 1,300 years ago to ensure their survival.

Tennis Maui


Tennis boasts an array of physical and mental benefits that you can enjoy during your stay. Whether you’re new to the game or a lifelong player, you can practice your serve, perfect your backspin or keep your backhand sharp. Travaasa Hana features two newly resurfaced tennis courts on property where you can get your daily dose of this popular outdoor sport. Tennis equipment is available for guests to use in the adjacent Makana Center.

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