Hawaiian Cultural Experiences

Hawaii is rich in culture, and we want you to be a part of it! Try your hand at lei making, explore the ecology of the area make music on the 'ukulele, and master the art of hula.

Lei making

Lei Making

You were probably charmed by the ti leaf lei adorned with plumeria blooms you received upon arrival, or maybe you're still wearing the kukui nut lei we gave you. It is through these leis that we welcome you to Travaasa Hana with the warm Spirit of Aloha. You’ll soon discover that leis are traditionally used to celebrate all occasions in Hawaii. Celebrate your time in Hana by learning to make your own ti leaf lei, or string plumeria blooms for a colorful, wonderfully scented lei. We have a variety of classes where you can learn different techniques, including lei wili (twisting), lei hili (braiding), lei kui pololei (stringing with a needle) and more. No matter which technique you choose, our lei making experiences will allow you to take the Spirit of Aloha with you wherever your journey takes you.

Ukulele lessons


No other sounds embody the island spirit of Hawaii quite like the sounds of a 'ukulele. Just a few strums of a 'ukulele’s strings can transport you to a tranquil Maui shore, where you can almost feel the ocean breeze in your hair and a cool Mai Tai in hand. While the Portuguese only introduced the instrument to Hawaiians in the 19th century, the 'ukulele is now popularly known as a Hawaiian instrument. You'll learn basic chords, and before long, you'll be playing a well-known song. We'll send you home with sheet music and a little bit of history about the 'ukulele, and if you want to serenade friends and family at your next luau, you’ll find a small 'ukulele for sale in our Noe Noe gift shop.

Hawaiian Bamboo Pole Fishing

Hawaiian Bamboo Pole Fishing

Let's go fishing! Pole fishing is a great activity for the whole family and you will learn all about the history, cultural practices and the craftsmanship of bamboo pole fishing. Enjoy a beautiful day in Hana at Kapueokahi (Hana Bay) and cast your pole into the bay. Maybe you will even catch a fish!

Hana biking

Bike Holoholo

Holoholo loosely translates to cruising, and there is no place to cruise like Hana. A beach cruiser bicycle is your chariot to explore Hana on your own adventure. Sights to see include the Plantation Guest House, Hana town center, Hana Ball Park, Hana Hongwanji Buddhist temple and Waikaloa Beach.

Hawaiian Throw Net

Hawaiian Throw Net

Fishing in Hawaii looks a little different than fishing in other parts of the world, as poles and bait are replaced by long nets that are thrown into the ocean to catch many fish at once. The art of Hawaiian "throw net" has been passed on from generation to generation in Hawaii, and it’s easy to see why the sport’s handmade nets are becoming family heirlooms when you see the intricate interweaving of strands that goes into making one of these nets. You, intrepid traveler, will be learning how to throw a net into Hana Bay in the hopes of catching your very own fish or two, experiencing what native Hawaiians do everyday to catch dinner to share with their ‘OHana. You'll be surprised how easily you'll catch on to readying the net to cast, and how fun it is to throw a perfect net into the ocean, pull it in and discover what bounties the ocean has gifted to you.

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