Hawaiian Culinary Experiences

One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through its cuisine. Learn how to make some of Hawaii’s best-known dishes, from crave-worthy cocktails to traditional meals.

The Art of the Cocktail: Cocktail mixology

The Art of the Cocktail

We are in a mixology renaissance. More and more lounges, bars and restaurants are offering lists of aperitifs, specialty cocktails and after-dinner drinks that sparkle with sophistication and creativity. So the bartender's trick is how best to combine juices, purees, fruits, spices and wonderful fresh ingredients to develop seductive new offerings and reinvigorate the classics we all know and love — and there’s no better place to play with fresh fruit flavors or spices than on the island of Maui. With endless combinations of fresh ingredients at our fingertips, this in-depth exploration will deepen your appreciation for the art of the cocktail.

Find out why the Mai Tai is synonymous with Hawaii — or is it? Learn the difference between a martini that is shaken or stirred. Discover what a muddle is and why you would use it. Join us as we embark on a tasting journey, learning how quintessential old-world recipes have morphed in search of the complex, layered flavors that create today's savory new trends.

Juicing 2.0

Smoothie Classes

Celebrate living healthy and in harmony with nature, while you sample some delicious smoothies. Learn how to create delicious combinations that are good for you and taste great! You'll even get a chance to burn some calories using our "Blender Bike" to mix up your fruits and veggies.

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