Bamboo Pole Fishing Hana, Maui

The essence of fishing: a freshly cut bamboo pole, a line and baited hook, the thrill of feeling fish bite and landing your catch. Andrew Park has fished Hana Bay since childhood and shares his experience with our guests on this fishing expedition.

Tidal Pool Hunt Hana, Maui

Join our guide on a fun and invigorating walk down the spectacular Hana coastline and explore four different tidal pools of the reef. Learn about the history of Hana, its ecosystems and marine life.


Six-Pack Abs Austin

The abs are important for our posture and healthy spine. With awareness of these muscles and effective exercises, you can rediscover your six-pack abs. This is a workout that will enhance your ability to activate your core muscles and help to uncover them.

HardCORE Workout Austin

The name of this class is both a description and a goal! This is an intense, 45-minute class that focuses on strengthening and toning your core or "powerhouse" muscles.

Zumba Fitness Austin

Zumba is a revolutionizing fitness experience, that takes you on an unforgettable, exhilarating journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Jam-packed with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin and international rhythms, and feel-it-to-the-core routines, this invigorating dance-fitness party will have you movin', rockin' and shakin' the weight off.

Yoga for Hips & Knees Austin

Hips and knees often take a toll during everyday living and sports activities. This workout will create more awareness, range of motion and strength to the muscles around these joints for better mobility and enjoyment of an active life.

Kettlebells Full Strength Austin

Kettlebell Full Strength will help kick all your fitness goals into high gear! These functional, compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength and muscular endurance while burning many calories. In this 45-minute, high-intensity class, you will focus on functional movement, power, strength, joint stability, alignment, balance and control. Working with the kettlebell is combined with BOSU and body weight exercises for an all-around heart-pumping workout.

Salsa Dance & Abs Austin

Partner up with your abs to move to salsa music and watch your six packs soar and get sore.


Island Brew Hop Hana, Maui

Beer Tasting Austin

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world, so this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make different styles of beer. Hop on over to get brewing!

Grilling & Smoking Demonstration Austin

Summer is the perfect time to light up the grill and enjoy some great BBQ! And what dad doesn’t appreciate a big Texas steak on a hot summer day? Come learn some new smoking and grilling techniques and recipes to enjoy at home on the deck!

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