Target and Dive Hana, Maui

Learn the art of fishnet throwing passed on in Hawaiian families from generation to generation. You’ll cast your net into our Garden Pool to perfect your throwing technique and prepare you to dive right in for your catch! Don't forget your swimsuit.

Stand Up and Snorkel Hana, Maui

Hoe he'e nalu (stand-up paddle boarding) is an emerging global sport with a strong Hawaiian heritage. Learn how to stand-up paddle board, and finish your class with a dive in the ocean as you snorkel over gorgeous reefs.

Soaker Golf Austin & Hana, Maui

Cool off with a game of soaker golf. This game uses water blasters and small cups in place of golf balls. The concept is simple: Launch the cup and have it land in the bucket using as few squirts as possible.

Stand Up Paddling Hana, Maui

Develop balance and core strength as you enjoy a popular water sport that honors Hana’s Hawaiian culture.


Refreshment: Water Tasting Austin & Hana, Maui

Staying hydrated in the summer is extremely important. Learn how to make some simple flavored waters that will get you more excited about drinking water and impress your guests at your next gathering.

Raw Food and Juicing Austin & Hana, Maui

Learn about the valuable nutrients in raw vegetables and fruits and how blending them helps make nutrients more readily available to your body. Sample some raw-food juices and dive into a heathier lifestyle.


Kite Diving Hana, Maui

David Malo, a Native Hawaiian historian, stated, “Kite-flying deserves special mention as a pastime that was dear to the Hawaiian heart, the practice of which recurred with the regularity of the seasons.” Relive this Hawaiian pursuit and embrace the summer winds of Maui while making a kite float and dive across the sky.

Put Some "Hoop" Into Your "Hula" Hana, Maui

Hula hooping is a fun, exciting way to get a whole body workout. Learn how to utilize the hoop as a tool for exercise, dance and self-expression. Maybe even learn a trick or two? This class is great for anyone looking to dive into something new.

Labor Day Mountain Ball Tournament Hana, Maui

Hana’s traditional Labor Day tournament takes place each year at Hana Ballpark, located steps away from Travaasa Hana. Teams from all over Hawai‘i come to Hana to take part in this community event. The history of the hotel and the ballpark, which was built in the 1940s to hold the San Francisco Seals summer camp, are united. The Seals were owned by Paul Fagan who began the hotel in 1946 and was also the original owner of Hana Ranch. There will be lots of cheering and lively entertainment throughout the tournament, unless a visiting team is winning.


Water Aerobics Austin & Hana, Maui

Dive into fitness without breaking a sweat. Join us for a cool time in the pool.

Dive Into Pilates Austin

Try this well-rounded exercise method that works the deeper muscles along the spine – muscles vital to posture and mobilitiy. Dive into this practice to strengthen your torso and increase core stability for greater range of motion, stronger, more controlled movement and a leaner, more toned physique.

Tai Chi Dive and Surf Austin

Submerge your entire body in Tai Chi Chuan, which loosely translates to mean “Supreme Ultimate Exercise.” It utilizes breathing, visualizations and circular movements to work the entire body at once, via smooth, continuous, natural movements that generate health, longevity and internal strength. Simple yet profound, Tai Chi is based on the idea that everything consists of two opposing forces that harmonize with each other to create a whole. The easiest way to see and understand this is with a Taiji diagram: Yang-Yin, White-Black, Exhale-Inhale, Release-Store, Expand-Contract, Give-Receive, Offense-Defense, Dive-Surf.

Aqua Yoga Austin

Dive into this form of yoga. Literally. Practicing yoga in the pool is for everyone, from folks who need a little extra support to those just looking for a new way to deepen their yoga practice. It’s even for those who don’t want to get their hair wet. You’ll use the pool wall and foam noodles for support, while keeping your head nice and dry.

Yoga Hips and Knees Renewal Plunge Austin

You’ll feel like you’re floating after this restoring workout. Hips and knees often take a toll during everyday living and sports activities. This renewal workout will create more awareness and range of motion and increase the strength of the muscles around the hip and knee joints. Opening the hips will also help to open your mind and soul for better mobility and enjoyment of an active life.

Jump Up and Get Down Hana, Maui

Dive into a new fitness routine with this power-packed circuit workout! Get your heart pumping with various jump rope drills, then get down with a challenging circuit of strength exercise stations. No fancy choreography here … just nonstop fitness and fun. For those who think sweating is fun.

Pool Volleyball Austin & Hana, Maui

Enjoy a little cool competition as you jump, spike and dive into action in our amazing infinity pool.

Spa & Wellness

Watsu® Austin & Hana, Maui

Test the waters with an innovative body-healing spa treatment. Watsu® uses the warmth and buoyancy of 96-degree water and a combination of unique stretches and natural movements in a secluded pool to help improve circulation, relieve nerve pressure and lessen stress, arthritis, anxiety and chronic pain. Our certified Watsu practitioners will fit the 60-minute treatment to your liking and body’s needs.

Deep Dive Into Foot Care Austin

You’re on your feet a lot, even when you don’t realize it. Learning the proper mechanics of how to use your feet is essential to their health and the health of the other joints above, including your back. Going deeper into your feet, massaging them and strengthening them will help you stay mobile and afloat, surfing to an overall better posture and healthier lifestyle.

Dive Into Inner Self-Meditation Austin

Just breathe. And visualize the energy forces within and around you to connect you more deeply with your inner self.

Qoya – At One with Water Austin

Soak in this unique water experience for women. Tap into your true essence and explore yourself as wise, wild and free. Through yoga and dance, the flowing and cleansing properties of water will be your focus and will assist in renewing your outlook on who you are and how you feel.

Dive Into Your Past: Journaling Austin & Hana, Maui

Reflect on water/beach excursions from your past and capture memories from your current adventures at Travaasa.

Delve Into Your Root Chakra Yoga Austin

There are seven energy centers in the human body called chakras. Each chackra builds on the next. The first, called the root chakra, is located at the beginning of the spine by the tailbone and relates to the feet, legs and feelings of groundedness. In this class, you will learn about the foundations of each chakra and the psychological aspects of the root chakra.

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