SPRING TRAINING Austin & Hana, Maui

Train like a pro and join our fitness team as we perform exercise drills to help warm up for the summer season.

Back to Nature Boot Camp Austin

Let this nature-filled workout be your morning coffee. This outdoor boot camp class incorporates many different training modalities, including strength, cardio, core, speed, agility, flexibility and injury prevention. Join us for this fun, high-energy, outdoor adventure!

Cultivate Happiness Collage Austin

Create a lovely magazine collage and stretch your perspective.

Growing Natural Rhythm Salsa Class Austin

Dance to salsa music that will inspire your natural rhythm to unleash and grow. Dancing is a great and fun way to become comfortable with your body, build confidence and self-esteem. The side effects are bursts of laughter and burning calories.

Tai Chi & Nature Austin

Tai chi means moving the energy of our bodies in harmony with the energy of the universe. This practice brings us closer to nature as it can be practiced outdoors where we can appreciate, enjoy and explore the energy in our surroundings.

Foot Care & Awareness Austin

This workout teaches how to maintain healthy feet, nature's foundation for the joints above. Grow your foot awareness and rebalance your body as you acquire better postural alignment, overall function and coordination.

Grow an Inch Pilates Austin

Learn to control your inner core—the muscles from the bottom of your spine all the way up to the back of your skull. Pilates exercises are based on axial skeleton elongation and stability, designed to strengthen as you lengthen. Create more space within the joints, enabling growth of an inch or more as you develop strength.

Cultivate Heat Yoga Austin

An intermediate yoga class designed to warm the muscles. Flowing sun salutations combine with longer-held poses to increase stamina and strength.

Hatha Yoga Austin

A combination of mild warming flow and longer-held poses, suitable for both new and returning Yogis.

Explore Your Hips & Knees Yoga Therapy Austin

Explore the mobility of the hips and knees through the use of Yoga Therapy asanas, or postures, experiencing a greater awareness of your true range of motion and strength.

Explore Quiet Yoga Austin

Yin Yoga is a more passive, slow-paced style of yoga. Asanas are held for five minutes each, allowing for a deeper state of each posture.

Zumba Fitness Austin

Explore other cultures through the art of dance, burning 400 to 600 calories in an hour along the way.


Sprouts Galore Austin

Rich in vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals, sprouts are a wise and delicious addition to daily meals. Learn the art of sprouting as well as simple methods to integrate them into a variety of dishes.


Taro Tasting Hana, Maui

Taro has earned its place as a traditional Hawaiian staple—it’s abundant, appetizing, and all parts of the plant can be eaten. Prepare and taste a sampling from the more than 300 varieties present on the Hawaiian islands.

East Maui Taro Festival Hana, Maui

The taro plant, also known as kalo in Hawaii, plays a central role in Hawaiian mythology. Taro came to Hawaii with the earliest Polynesian settlers in their canoes, and has been cultivated as a staple since ancient times. The East Maui Taro Festival is an opportunity for the community to share with others the importance and value of this heritage food.
This two-day event that takes place at Hana Ballpark, located just a few steps away from Travaasa Hana. There will be live entertainment, concession booths and local vendors celebrating the Taro.

Spa & Wellness

Discover the Eight Limbs of Yoga Austin

A general hatha yoga class set with the intention of exploring the philosophy of yoga. Appropriate for beginners and intermediate.

Farm to Blender Juicing Austin

Grow green, eat green, drink green, be green and live green. This is the theme of a new generation of people who desire to live healthy and in harmony with nature. Green vegetables have more valuable nutrients than any other food in existence. Blending your greens helps make nutrients more readily available to the body.

Meditation | Tune into Nature Austin

Stop and savor the surrounding beauty of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Quiet introspection and silence allow you to deepen your level of appreciation, establish a space within, and leave you replenished and revitalized.

Journal & Grow Austin

Grow more into your complete self by integrating different parts of your psyche.

Explore Watercolors Austin

Learn different watercolor techniques by painting a pre-drawn still life.

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