The Travaasa Vision

Our inspiration for Travaasa began with our own travel—far too often we stayed in cold, soulless concrete towers that suppressed the magic of a destination. For years, we searched for an experiential destination resort that truly embodied a sense of place—its culture, its cuisine, its adventures, its sense of well-being. We wanted somewhere that would reawaken us, intellectually, culturally and experientially; a place where we could learn, touch and do new things; a place we couldn’t find in our own backyard, or at the local spa or gym. In other words, we wanted the joy of the journey along with the magic of arriving somewhere new and instantly getting a sense of that place. We wanted spontaneous moments and the magic of surprise that travel is supposed to bring us, all embodied in a hotel with wonderful amenities.

No such place existed, so we decided to create it.

We are more than just destination resorts with world-class spa services, cuisine inspired by local flavor and breathtaking vistas. Our hotels recapture the magic of travel and give you indelible memories. Travaasa Experiential Resorts embody the best of what happens when you travel: the journey and the discovery of a place, people, yourself and the stories that define your life. We invite you to join us on the journey.

Travaasa Berkshire County – Coming in 2019

A New Addition to the Family

Elm Court is a gorgeous estate with truly unique character, significant history and a passionate community. Our team has spent years working on a plan that celebrates the beauty & charm of the property, and we're ecstatic to begin making our vision a reality. We can't wait to host you and share the magic of travel at Travaasa Berkshire County. Travaasa Berkshire County

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