It’s funny, the first thing I often hear from people when they return from a trip, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” For those searching for a happy medium between culture, adventure, and health in their travels, Travaasa is the perfect answer. I always tell guests who are new to yoga that Travaasa is a very good place to experience yoga for the first time. The classes are just 45 minutes and designed to be for “All Levels” (except our Saturday morning Intermediate Class). People come to Travaasa for a relaxing vacation and wellness retreat, and that is exactly what yoga is- finding wellness in mind, body and spirit. I understand that many people are intimidated by yoga. Usually one may assume you have to be flexible in order to practice, and in reality you practice yoga to become more flexible, strong and build endurance. Many people just don’t have the time or true ambition to fit yoga into their busy lives, which is understandable because yoga is a time commitment. However while staying at Travaasa, it’s like,”why not?” On retreat there is the time and and place for adventurous spirit to try something new.

Just today that was the very case. Dayna had come to one of the yoga classes yesterday and really liked it. She expressed to me that she hoped to convince her boyfriend Bill, who prefers to lift weights, to come try this morning’s class. She had been trying to get Bill to try yoga all year, and today he finally came for his first class. He did great! After the class he said some things were harder than he expected, but that he also surprised himself with all the things that he could do. I told him he actually has very flexible joints, which is a true blessing, yet he needs to stretch and elongate his muscles to create more freedom of movement for himself. I think he really understood and felt the benefits of the class today. Hopefully Dayna and Bill can continue to practice yoga together at a studio in their hometown. It is my hope that those who visit the beautiful hill country of Travaasa Austin in the future will continue to learn new things about themselves and their abilities.


Susan Anderson has worked at Travaasa for a little over two years teaching various yoga, breath work and meditation classes. She has been teaching and studying the physical practice of yoga for 10 years. In more recent years she dove into deeper into yoga study by focusing on meditation and breath work. According to Susan, “There are many reasons why working at Travaasa is unique compared to working at a yoga studio. The number one is the most spectacular setting! The Cedar Overlook yoga room is surrounded by big windows overlooking the tree tops on two sides and the pool on another. The scenery alone helps create a peaceful and relaxing state of being.