The smell of wood smoke is a staple aroma just about anywhere in Texas and reminiscent of all sorts of wonderful childhood memories from campfires to the first time tasting a smoked brisket. Fast forward a few years and enjoy that same intoxicating aroma during happy hour – this time with a twist!

Instead of opting for the usual bourbon or scotch on the rocks, try it with smoked ice for a rustic kick and an added layer of complexity.

Whiskey, Boubon or Scotch with Smoked Ice

1) Make a bunch of ice cubes the normal way. You can smoke water alone, but ice has more surface area and smoke clings to solid surfaces.

2) Dump the ice cubes into a shallow metal pan tall enough to hold the water as the ice melts.

3) Set up your smoker. Keep the temperature low (around 225°F), and smoke the ice for about an hour. (The ice will melt, obviously.)

4) Freeze the smoked water into ice cube trays or into ice balls.

5) In either a short or tall cocktail glass, pour bourbon or scotch over a few of the smoked cubes, stir lightly and enjoy!