Austin’s farm is in full-on nurture mode following a wonderfully rainy spring, and there’s plenty to sing about.

The majority of the fields are planted and growing like a wee–DON’T SAY IT. This time of year things are full of life on their own, and it’s all about tending to what’s already taken hold. This includes keeping the aisles mulched and clear, keeping the fields watered, maintaining proper irrigation, keen crop observation, weed control and utilizing low maintenance systems wherever possible.

The current bevy of harvest goods include:

  • tomatoes
  • green beans
  • summer squash
  • zucchini
  • beats
  • six varieties of carrot: Bolero, Nelsons, Atomic Red, Purple Haze, Rainbow and Yellow Pack.
  • winter Squash is right around the corner

Also happening:

  • teenage chickens are coming of age and starting to lay eggs
  • baby chicks just graduated to the pasture (yay!)
  • twenty (count ‘em!) baby ducks!
  • edible flowers are blooming, and medicinals are in season


We’d also like to offer big congratulations to our resident farmhand Katie on being a member of the Travaasa team for one year. Besides being the epitome of a good ‘ole Texas girl with charm to spare (fifth generation Texan, y’all), Katie has been focused on fertility for the soil, organic pest control, crop management and has been integral to helping the farm advance their previously mentioned low maintenance systems.