The Texas heat is no joke! Many people shy away from wine and beer, opting for a cold cocktail on the rocks. Vino enthusiasts or beer-lovers, rejoice! Our resident Sommelier and Beverage Manager, the talented Edward Morgan, has got you covered with his recommendations on what to order as the temperatures rise.

Edward’s Wine for the season: Heidi Schrock “Biscaya” Rose Hugelland, Austria 2014

It is Spring and thus the weather in Texas can be fickle and in need of a wine that cuts both ways. In many parts of the country Spring is the season for these blushing beauties. Many Somms choose to kiss off with their selections going with Provincial selections as this is the point of prominence within the wine world for such wines; a region in the South of France.  However, there isn’t a country abound that doesn’t have their own rendition of this lovely libation. I have selected a rose for the season that I feel has a bit of pragmatism and uniqueness. Heidi Schrock out of Austria blends Cabernet, Merlot and a scosch of smaller local varietals together to create her Rose “Biscaya” aptly named not only for the Bay that divides France from Spain, but also as an homage to the tempestuous weather that encircles the region. Lisa Lawrence, Heidi’s assistant, hails from Texas and would certainly agree that the parlance of Texas prevails and such a wine is necessary when saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a minute.” This wine, though opulent and rich in color, has rapier-like acid derived from the ripping winds off the coast of Lake Neusiedler and refreshing tart red fruit that fills the palate and the senses…a crisp poolside-pounder but something with staying power.

Edward’s Beer Selection for Man Month: Jolly pumpkin “Bam Biere” Farmhouse Saison, Dexter, Michigan

Since the weather is turning from a more melancholy effect to a new beginning in spring, a refreshing beer is in order to remind us that summer is on its way.  Jolly Pumpkin from Michigan has created a sack of suds that derives complexity and crispness without the weight of high alcohol and hoppy flavors. Bam Biere Farmhouse Saison is my pick for the Spring. By definition, a Farmhouse ale was traditional something created during the winter months to be enjoyed come spring and summer. Crisp citrus notes, spicy malts, a whisper of floral and a kiss of hops ensconces the senses. The name “Bam” comes from the owners Jack Russell Terrier who was struck by a car and miraculously bounced back.  Given this beer is considered to be a “session” or rather a beer that can be enjoyed in quantity, the ABV is slightly lower and so quantity and quality can walk hand in hand without being dumbstruck after the third bottle.  Ron Jeffries of Jolly pumpkin believes in a very natural approach to beer making and therefore this beer is “Bottle Condition” which means its fermentation has been finished in the bottle without filtration contributing to a firm flavor and cloudy appearance.