Maintaining a healthy diet is a key element to supporting an active lifestyle. With the busy schedules that consume our day-to-day, it’s important to feed your body a variety of super foods to support your super human routine. The task of eating well is a lot to manage at home, but add a summer vacation to the mix and you’ve really got a challenge. Especially when traveling, people tend to steer away from their usual eating habits which can really throw off the body’s systems. Here are a few ideas for snacks-on-the-go that will keep you feeling great all summer long.


A native Hawai’ian fruit with over 60 varieties grown across all the islands, mangoes are low in calories and sodium, but high in vitamins A and C. Toss some into a smoothie and you’ll give your immune system some serious super powers. 


Power-packed full of vitamins B5, B6, C, K, folate, potassium, and plenty of antioxidants, avocados are the definition of superfood. Their levels of monounsaturated fatty acids also mean they kick butt on high cholesterol. Enjoy an avocado with a little lemon and olive oil.  Hawaii is home to over 200 varieties of avocados, many of which you won’t find anywhere else.


Cucumbers have beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium and silica, in addition to vitamins C, K and B5. Although they make a mighty good super sword when whole, cucumbers also fortify your connective tissues and immune system. Chomp down on those crunchy seeds and skin because that’s where most of the nutrients lie, or infuse your water for an extra hydrating kick.

Beans and Legumes

From black bean chili to lentil soup, Texas dishes are filled with these protein packed pods. Also full of fiber and high in B vitamins, calcium, iron and potassium, beans are a staple in many world cuisines. Chickpeas go into hummus, a great snack, and one serving contains nearly half your recommended fiber amount. Fiber can boost heart health and help weight loss. Maybe dip a little slice of that cucumber into that hummus.

Green Tea

Want more than a cool drink of water? Brew some green tea and pour over ice for an antioxidant-rich beverage. More than just refreshing, iced green tea also battles against chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, so you stay healthier longer. Order a tall glass after a long hike to cool down and enjoy the goodness.

Leafy Greens

More greenery on the scenery. Toss some dandelion greens and arugula around in your salad to get your daily dose of vitamins C and A. They also contain protein and iron, plus B vitamins and fiber. Vitamin A boosts your vision so you can see the super sights on your vacation, while iron keeps your blood strong so you can keep going all day long. Mom always did say to eat your vegetables.