With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your skin from the harsh winter elements. As you shift into the autumn season, it’s important to stay hydrated, exfoliate, moisturize and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day and eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to help reverse summer damage and boost your skin’s defenses against environmental irritates. Include tasty seasonal produce in your diet like pears, apples, pomegranates and oranges to boost antioxidant protection. Also, make sure you stock up on rich skin care products, especially your daily moisturizer and keep your favorite chapstick at arms reach to avoid chapped lips. Here are a few spectacular Travaasa spa treatments to make the adjustment from summer glow to fall radiance.


Invigorating Avocado Wrap: Illuminate your skin from head to toe with a warm avocado body butter wrap blended with essential oils to purify and tone. Finish your treatment with a stimulating scalp massage and full-body mineral mist to revitalize your skin and leave you glowing.

Organic Ultimate Hydration Facial: This ultra-luxurious facial uses sun-dried white and green clays, jojoba beads, aloe vera extract, organic licorice and spirulina along with the rejuvenating properties of organic rose and pomegranate to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant while restoring youthful elasticity.

Detoxifying Juniper, Olive Stone Exfoliation and Polish: Juniper, seaweed and cypress have a reputation for deep cleansing, stimulating, purifying and revitalizing the body and mind, and together they jump-start the metabolism, aid in circulation and penetrate your skin to help smooth cellulite.


Ho’opa’a (“To Complete”) Detoxifying Body Massage and Algae Wrap: Unrefined, sun-dried green clay blended with the purest spirulina followed by a Swedish massage for age-defying blanace and clarity.

Deep Moisturizing Facial: Quench dry, dehydrated skin with an organic, fair-trade cultivated and custom designed jasmine along with papaya, jojoba and shea butter. Soothing fruits and herbs will restore lasting hydration and elasticity while protecting skin from damage. Jasmine and other South Pacific plant ingredients are also used to replenish and sustain the skin’s moisture and pono (balance) for a silky smooth texture and healthy, even tone.

Ho’ola Hou (“To Restore Life”) Massage and Body Wrap: Enjoy the calming properties of pure organic essential oils during a 90-minute customized massage and a warm body wrap to allow this pure oil blend to deeply penetrate your skin. Harmonizing Ear & Scalp Massage simultaneously relaxes your body and psyche into a state of total relaxation and renewal.