With the kids back in school and your favorite prime time television shows hitting the networks soon, it might feel like you’re slipping back into the same old fall routine. Don’t let monotony get in the way of uncovering your adventurous spirit. Go on a journey, taste real flavors from a different culture, learn new things about yourself and dance the night away under the stars. Travaasa offers guests the perfect opportunity to tap into their inner-self and experience life in full color. Here are just a few experiences that will allow you to uncover the magic within this fall.


Zumba Fitness: Who doesn’t love to cut a little rug every now and then? This fun exercise class will really get you out of your shell in a dance cardio routine that incorporates step aerobics, Latin dance, hip-hop and your own personal flavor to burn calories. Not to mention, it’s a great cardiovascular workout!

Bull Fitness: This class lets you harness your inner Western spirit while getting a killer core workout. Put on a cowboy hat and ride a mechanical bull while you rock out to country music.

Make a Dream Catcher: In the Native American culture, the dream catcher is a sacred handmade ornament that is said to catch any harm that might surround you and is often displayed as decorative art because of its ornate beauty. Lean to make your own dream catcher to bring home and hang as a reminder of your continuous self-discovery and inner beauty.


Hula Lessons: It’s more than just a dance. Hula links Hawaiians to the land, the ocean and the story of life. You’ll learn the hand and foot movements that go along with telling these stories from a cultural guide who has been practicing hula since childhood.

Fruit Tasting Tour: If you think you’ve seen and tasted it all… think again! Ono Farms invites guests to tour the grounds and taste exotic fruits exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands.

Uncover Hana’s Treasure: Join our experienced guides for a tour of Hana on foot. Learn the history of the property, Ka’uiki Hill and other memorial sites of the East side. Travel back in time through stories of the ancestors and get a historic overview of who, what, when and where of the Hawaiian culture.