Mediation is a powerful tool and can help with clarity of the mind, but also helps the body. Regular meditation can decrease stress, help with sleep, boost energy, improve brain function and even increase metabolism and immunity. Refining your practice takes work, but the benefits are great for the mind and body. 

To get started, our resident Meditation Guide, Susan Anderson, has compiled some tips:


  • When you are able to carve out some time, create a sacred atmosphere by lighting a candle, burning some incense, and placing objects of special meaning around you. This can deepen the meditative experience.
  • Decide how much time you are able to sit in a focus and meditation, and then set your alarm to alert you with soft chimes or harp sounds when you time is complete. This way you do not need to be concerned about the time.
  • When seated with the intention for meditation, tap into what is present around the space. Notice sounds, smells, and the sensations you feel and see with your eyes closed.
  • When you do not have very much time, simply allow yourself 5 minutes to focus on the movement and sensations of your breath. This can even be done with your eyes open, and as you are walking.