Now that February has arrived, many of us might be wishing for a love potion. But, according to our Farm Manager & Certified Herbalist, Kim Grabosky, putting that special someone under a love spell might be easier than we thought.

“For thousands of years, scientists have studied various plants for their aphrodisiac qualities. These herbs are often found in massage oils, infused into foods, or steeped in water or alcohol. It’s no secret that plants work in miraculous ways; the chemistry that allows them to thrive in a living ecosystem may just be the same as the chemistry that alters our state of being when we consume them. Before crafting a true love potion, you must first take into consideration how each ingredient will lead the body into a relaxed and sensual state. And while there’s no single recipe for creating an herbal love potion, each carefully crafted mixture should at least embody a combination of properties that can soothe, excite, arouse and nourish the mind, body and spirit.

In honor of heart month, we give you our Travaasa Warm Tea Love Potion:

Made with damiana leaves sourced from our neighbors in Mexico, rose petals, rose hips, milky oat tops, oat straw, and Tulsi holy basil, all sourced from the Travaasa Farm — the combination is meant to nourish, soothe and stimulate sensual arousal.

How it works:

Damiana is a nourishing and strengthening herb and therefore tends to be a bit more stimulating than other aphrodisiac herbs. Growing as a little yellow flower, this herb has a long-standing reputation in Mexico as an erotic herb, boasting quick impact and longevity.

Known as the classic, warming “love drug,” each part of the Rose is thought to posses the ability to heal the heart, lift the spirit and purify the system.

The mixture of milky oats with oat straw forms a nervine, or a plant remedy that soothes the nervous system (and subsequently sets the mood.) Milky oats also stimulate the circulation of testosterone and help the body recover from physical and emotional exhaustion.

Lastly, the addition of tulsi holy basil adds a wonderfully aromatic element. As its scent creates a sense of euphoria, its consumption helps to sharpen the senses and increase circulation.

To craft your potion, steep all herbs in tea water for at least 20 minutes (The longer the steep, the stronger it gets.) Next, strain off herbs and add in raw honey. Adding the honey too soon can diminish the nutritional properties.

Enjoy warm, or let cool, then simply let your love potion nourish and open your (or your loved one’s) heart!”