The Spa at Travaasa Austin is a retreat to reconnect and find inner peace and solstice. Not only does finding time to relax help in overall happiness, it also benefits the body’s overall well-being. Our Watsu Spa Program is the newest addition to the spa menu and an innovative method to heal the body. The spa treatment uses the warmth and buoyancy of water at 96 degrees to help improve circulation, help lessen everyday stress, arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain and relieve pressure of nerves.

Watsu treatments at the Travaasa spa include:

  • Watsu® Sessions – A combination of unique stretches and natural movements of the body in a private, secluded pool is designed to help to free the spine and open energy pathways for improved physical mobility. (60 minutes)
  • Waterdance® Sessions – An expansion on the Watsu® treatment, this practice slowly introduces stretches and movements that completely submerge the entire body underwater. The dynamic experience allows the body to move limitlessly, and is profoundly meditative and effective for deepening emotional awareness. (60 minutes)