There is nothing more Texas than getting on the back of a horse and riding through the Texas Hill Country and at Travaasa Austin, we have that authentic cultural adventure available to our guests with our newly launched trail ride activity.

The experience begins when guests are taken over to our Travaasa Farm to meet with Keith and Jodie, two of the finest cowboys around. After a brief introduction, guests are each paired with one of our horses, Jeeter, Hydro, Annie, Red, Jasper or Remp for a brief lessons on how to start, stop, turn and some tips on how to handle going up and down steep hills. With smaller groups, this lesson is done on a small agility course that was designed and built to allow guests to get comfortable with their horse before the trail begins.

Once the introductory lesson is out of the way, the real fun begins. On the journey to the start of the trail ride, guests will wander past our Travaasa Farm for a glimpse of our hen house for a chance to see the five varieties of hens we “employee” to provide our kitchen with fresh eggs daily. From there, it’s just a quick cross over a small creek to the start of a real Texas trail ride experience.

Just past our natural spring, the trail climbs along windy paths up into the hills. For those familiar with Texas heat, the cooler breezes along the way will be a welcomed treat. The paths cut through the woods offer the guests a chance to work with the horse maneuvering them up and down the trails and around bends all while enjoying the quiet serenity the hills have to offer.

As the trail descends back down the hill, guests are encouraged to take notice on how the horses interact with each other. While they all have their own unique personalities, they interact among themselves in a calm and majestic manner because for a horse, there is no greater joy than wandering peacefully through the hills.