Truly Texan, Sam Ray, Travaasa’s Food Truck Manager, has lived in and around Austin his whole life.  “I’ve never had formal training, never went to an academy or anything, but I’ve cooked all over the place:  at a bakery in Spicewood, at a Corporate Conference Center, a Camp in Marble Falls, Noble Pig and staged [interned] at Uchiko for a few months and have worked with Ben Baker here at Travaasa.”

Sam says that he’s learned a lot from his experiences, “at Uchiko I learned a lot about organization, how to run a smooth operation, but most importantly also learned how to build the ‘perfect plate’ where all of the components come together to be experienced as one.  I like to do that with my creations.”

Sam, who is taking charge of Travaasa’s Fresh and Green Food Truck, found himself in the kitchen because, “I like the endless creativity of cooking.  Everything we make can be delicious and make people happy. “

With the food truck’s mobility,  Sam can make more people happy with his great food.  “I believe in recognizing freshness and utilizing the best ingredients.  I think what we’re doing here with Travaasa Farm is remarkable, and I want people to understand how great it is to taste something that comes right out of the ground.  Also, since we’re going to be at Farmer’s Markets, we can play around with what they have on any given day”

The menu will also have some staple items as well that are unique offerings, like Antelope Tacos, “I think Antelope is really delicious and you don’t see it many places.  We get ours from Broken Arrow Ranch, a game preserve in Ingram, Texas.  I learned how to make a chorizo when I worked at Noble Pig, and will use that as the meat add some dukkah, a Turkish spice concoction, and put some pickled veggies on top.   In this way we can make something familiar and portable, like tacos, into something different.”

Another delicious, unique offering is the Tempeh Mushroom Lettuce Cups.  “Tempeh is becoming more and more popular these days.  It is fresher than tofu and has better texture.  We mix that with Oyster mushrooms, spices add seasonal veggies and serve it in lettuce cups.”  Here’s a look at the full food truck menu.

Stay tuned for a schedule of Travaasa Food Truck locations coming soon to areas around Austin.