Most people suffer from tension in their necks, shoulders and even their feet. Higher tension in these area  can especially occur during stressful situations or just every day life. Poor posture, bad working positions, standing all day and carrying heavy bags all conspire to make the problem worse. However, you can ease the pain with a remedy literally at your fingertips.

This simple self-massage exercise gets right to the core of the tension and eases it gently and effortlessly; you can try it almost anywhere and at any time. Try to focus on the areas that feel most tense, and work slowly, deeply, and methodically.

Shoulder Massage: One shoulder at a time, press your thumb from you opposite hand to your shoulder (thumb from right hand goes to left shoulder, thumb from left hand goes to right shoulder) into the place where your neck meets your shoulder proper. Allow your head to fall to the side that you are massaging. With your index and middle fingers, hold the top portion of shoulder muscle and pick it up or pull it as much as you can while keeping your thumb where you placed it initially. Fold/roll the muscle over your thumb by pulling it over with your fingers. Slowly allow your head to fall to the other side of your body as you pull and fold. Switch sides and repeat.

Lower back: Make a soft fist with both hands. Gently press your knuckles into your true waist (the space between your lower ribs and the top of your pelvis). Slide your fists inward towards your spine until your fists are approximately one hand-width apart from each other on your lower back, keeping the spine in the center of this gap. Press directly into your back (into your muscles), and then without releasing the pressure, press your hands toward the spine, squeezing the muscles towards the spine. While pressing in, bend down towards your feet by rolling your spine forward and down.

Feet: Sit cross-legged on the floor, or sit on the edge of a chair. If you are in a chair, bring one foot onto your knee. Roll your foot so that the bottom of your foot is facing up. Press your thumbs into the bottoms of your feet in a spiral pattern by alternating the thumbs from each hand, one thumb press at a time (like connecting the dots). The spiral should start in the center of the feet and will end on the pads of each toe and finally at the heel. Breathe slowly and deeply while doing this to enhance your state of relaxation