Summer is almost here. And that means longer days and a lot more time outside. It also means making sure there is plenty of sunscreen on hand. Most of us understand the importance of using a sunscreen, but can forget other morning skin routines that can help keep your skin healthy. Here are some tips that will help your skin stay glowing and healthy all summer long:

1.  Everyone knows to exfoliate their facial skin but don’t forget the rest of your body. For an invigorating cleansing treatment try Primavera’s Juniper Cypress body scrub or lather up your favorite cleanser with a exfoliating bath mitt by Supracor. Anakiri’s sweet sugar foot scrub lends extra help to the roughest of heels.

2.  Keeping the skin hydrated is paramount all year long. Adjust to a water based moisturizer as oil glands are more stimulated in hot and humid weather to avoid breakouts and dehydration.

3. Use a tinted mineral sunblock to pull off a sun kissed glow. Coola has a great one that not only does just that, but also provides additional antioxidant protection.

4. Don’t forget the lips and hands. Lips are particularly vulnerable and are often neglected when it comes to sunblock.

5. Wear a wide brimmed hat as an quick and easy way to protect your face.

6. Vitamins C, E, and A are great at preventing free radical damage; a major factor for aging and stressed skin. Look for foods like spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and take advantage of the seasonal melons and berries. All of these are water rich and packed with skin loving vitamins.

7. If you do end up with a bad burn, soothe it with chilled yogurt. Lotion can trap heat and prolong redness. The yogurt works as an anti-inflammatory and heat remover. Apply to skin for 15 minutes every hour as needed.

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