Convincing yourself it’s time to start exercising should be easy — given that there are many benefits to exercising. But finding an exercise routine that works for you — and beginning it the right way — that can be difficult.

If you try to jump from no exercise to running a mile or two, you’ll likely wind up so sore and exhausted that you give up again. It’s perfectly fine to start slowly with easy exercises — you’ll still get exercise benefits and improve your heart health.

To start making a difference in your heart health and get the most exercise benefits, put a plan in place and have specific goals in mind. Here is an exercise routine that you can do right on your couch or even while you are sitting at your desk at work.

-Sit up tall, bring your arms over your head sideways, interlock your fingers & release your index finger with thumbs crossed.

-Stretch up and bend to the right hand side, with arms straight and squeezing into the head, palms together as you stretch the left side of the body.

-Keep the shoulders in a line. Do not become twisted.

-Hold right side for 20 counts, & then bend over to the left and hold 20 counts.

-Come to the center, place hands for support at lower back, drop your head back for your back bend. Hold for 20 counts.

-Come up to center, than forward bend. Separate your legs so you upper body falls in between your legs. Grab your opposite elbows & sway from the waist band side to side.

-When you feel complete, release your arms & slowly round up with the head releasing last thing.


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