It’s okay, you can finally admit it. It’s been two months since you’ve seen the inside of the gym. Getting sick, family crisis, overtime at work, all kept you for exercising. Now, the question is: how do you start again and maintain the habit? Once you establish exercise as a habit, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Here are some tips from Jillian Lambert, Travaasa Austin fitness instructor, to climb back on that treadmill after you’ve fallen off.

1. Workout in the a.m. if you can. Studies show that people that work out in the morning tend to stick to their exercise program moreso than people that workout in the p.m.

2. Put your workout clothes right by your bed the night before so you can slip them on. Having the workout clothes right there the first thing when you get up sends a message or reminder to your brain to workout.

3. Remind yourself how GOOD you will feel AFTER the workout.

4. Post visual pictures of what your idea of fitness is. Create a vision board of how you’d like to look, act and feel by selecting pictures words from magazines depicting and describing what you’d like to become.

5. Post POSITIVE notes around your home or office to motivate yourself to workout.

  • “You feel GREAT when you exercise!”
  • “You are healthy when you exercise.”
  • “You are strong when you exercise.”
  • “You are committed when you exercise.”

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