For today’s TRAVAASA DAYS tip, Travaasa fitness instructor, Ivonete Carothers, shares some core balance moves recommended to help your boogie board performance at Travaasa Hana.

Follow these three exercises with 15 repetitions of each exercise on each side to start to tone your core muscles.


Side Lean Preparation: Inhale, stand with feet hip width, arms overhead.  Engage core muscles and balance.










Side Lean: Exhale, core muscles and ankle muscles active.  Lean to the side as far as possible.  Inhale and return to center.  Exhale and repeat other side.











Tree Praying Hands: Inhale, stand tall, bring one foot up to the opposite calf or thigh.  Exhale hand in pray position on the center of the body, by the heart.  Inhale, returning foot to the mat, hands down.  Repeat other side.









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