How would you like to start every morning on the beach? Or sitting in front of a blazing fire? Or standing at the top of a mountain on a brisk winter day? With a creativity meditation, you can. Focusing on a calming scene for just five minutes every day will help you to clear your mind and prepare for the day ahead and help get those creative juices flowing. Meditation is also a great tool to use for those days that are stress-filled. Sneak away for a few minutes to ease your nerves and rest your mind. Here are a few tips to get you started on meditation to help spur your creativity.

Focus. Concentration is essential to outstanding creative execution and performance. The simple act of focusing on your breathing everyday, will gradually improve your powers of concentration.

Patience. Meditation can be boring at times. For once in your life, you’re not trying to do anything or think anything, just sit there and pay attention to your immediate experience. And you will encounter all kinds of resistance to doing it. Zen priest Steve Hagen says, “If you can get past resistance to meditation, nothing else in life will be an obstacle.”

Calmness. At first, you’ll be surprised, maybe even horrified, to discover how busy your mind is – a nonstop stream of mental chatter. But if you stay with it, you should gradually find that your mind settles down as the months go by.

Clarity. Like calmness, this can be gradual and intermittent to begin with. But you are likely to notice moments and even periods of mental clarity, when you see things clearly and your mind is sharper than usual – which makes problem-solving and decision-making easier.

Insight. You’ve probably had the experience of suddenly realizing the solution to a problem, even though you haven’t been consciously thinking of it. Or you may have experienced a moment of inspiration, when a new idea flashes into your mind unbidden. If you’re practicing meditation regularly, expect this to happen more often.

Perspective. When you spend time just being present and observing your breath, thoughts, feelings, and moment-to-moment experience, you start to realize how trivial most of our daily worries really are. Even in the midst of the daily grind, you can let go of the small stuff, and keep the big picture in view.

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