January marks the beginning of the year, and, for most, a time of good intentions for better times ahead.  Getting organized, attaining the ultimate work/life balance, and/or losing those extra few holiday pounds top many lists of New Year’s Resolutions, but if we distill our goals down to their essence, most require or result in more vitality.  To that end, we’ve asked five of our Travaasa experts to give us their definitions and help us discover how to get more vitality in our lives.




The state of being strong and alive; energy;

The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.


(from Dictionary.com)


Tip #1 – Get outside:

“To me, vitality is when you feel most alive,” says Jerry Ziemer, Fitness Instructor at Travaasa | Hana, Maui.  “It is tied to capability; being able to do what I want to do.”  Jerry, who leads our Outdoor Boot Camp and Backpacker’s Workout, brings the gym outside to enhance vigor.  “Outdoor stuff goes a long way toward building life force.  Your brain has to work harder and something kicks in with all the natural stimulus that is around you – It is kind of like natural Ritalin – it stimulates your brain to get more focused, more capable.”


Tip #2 – Create a Regular Movement Practice

When Susan Anderson, Yoga and Meditation Instructor at Travaasa | Austin, talks about vitality: “health comes to mind; energy to live your life as your full self.”  She helps to build up her vitality through the regular practice of yoga, which she describes as an ancient practice of creating health in the body: physically though movement, mentally through focus and emotionally through looking inward.  “Some days, I show up for my personal practice not feeling my best self, but through the practice I begin to feel more vital, more whole,” says Susan.   And walking, stretching or biking can also be invigorating, she stresses.


Tip # 3 – Breathe

Breath is a fundamental part of vitality, according to Kate Winge, who teaches art, yoga and meditation at Travaasa | Austin. “Linking breathing with movement invigorates the body and brings fresh blood and energy into the system.  This generates more awareness to body and mind so that you can make better decisions and be more relaxed in your body and mind.”

Tip #4 – Join with Others

“When you ask me to describe vitality, I think of the glow that enters the cheeks and eyes of people when they’ve finished working out, when they’re in love or truly appreciating life,” says Ruth Yenter,  our Yoga, Meditation and Smoothie Master at Travaasa| Hana, Maui.  “Regular exercise and proper breathing are great ways to maintain that physical storage of energy.  Meditation and mindfulness practices are great ways to bring that powerful mental element into the body in the present moment.  They also help to direct mental energy back to the body so that it can use it for the task at hand.”  In addition, Ruth urges us to join others, because, “sometimes people can share the same level of emotional vitality while singing, moving or working together and the energy of the group can transport the group or couple further than they could go alone.”

Tip #5 – Make someone else feel AMAZING

Certified Life Coach and Adventure Guide at Travaasa| Austin, Joshua Krilov feels that, “vitality is that sensation of the life force that you can feel when someone is fully present – fully alive and filled with positive energy.”  He advises us to pass on to others a little positivity to help boost vitality everywhere.  “Call a relative and tell them how much they mean to you,” he says.  “Tell a coworker something that you admire about them.  Make someone’s day.  You’d be surprised how good this makes them, and you, feel.”