Staying active and healthy can be a challenge while on the road, especially because traveling usually involves long periods of sitting and limited access to a kitchen. Even if you aren’t in route to a wellness retreat like Travaasa, you can still make an effort to maintain healthy habits away from home and your normal daily routine.

Try a few of these travel tips for wellness on the go:

Eat well. Instead of settling for a take-out combo meal from the closest fast-food joint, try exploring local, organic healthy restaurants in the area.

Get moving. Explore your surroundings and boost your energy level at the same time by walking or biking around a destination. Many cities in the U.S. offer bicycle sharing programs as an alternative form of public transportation, which is both environmentally friendly, affordable and super convenient. Visit for the full list of participating cities. For pedestrian adventures, try using a milage tracking device like Fitbit to calculate your steps as you absorb your surroundings.

Meditate. Not only is meditation a great way to reduce stress, but it also helps to sharpen your mind and increase awareness. Designate 20 minutes each day to quiet the mind and focus only on your breath.

Try something new. There is always an exciting new adventure to try when visiting a new place. Ask a local and find out what activities are happening in the community during your stay. Drop into a yoga class, test your strength and try rock climbing, or add some flavor in a local cooking class.