While Travaasa doesn’t exactly have the snow that Sochi does, we do have a slew of other events that are worthy of a gold medal. Whether you’re in the mood for a TriBATHalon, or a rigorous afternoon breaking a sweat in the great outdoors, there’s something for everyone at Travaasa to create the perfect Winter Games experience.

TriBATHalon – If swinging, jumping and playing isn’t quite your cup of tea, try your luck in a Travaasa TriBATHalon. This very intense spa schedule will knock you right off your feet and leave you feeling like a real (relaxed) winner. Start your seasonal “training” by lounging at the infinity pool for a few hours and soak up that Vitamin D. Then, head over to the Spa at Travaasa and hit the sauna or steam room to unwind a little more. Once you’re warmed up and ready for action, go for the gold with a full-body massage, body wrap, facial, and mani-pedi. We know, it’s exhausting just thinking about it. The good news? Everyone wins this event.

Hanathon – Quite the opposite of Sochi, you won’t find any snow-capped peaks in this Hawaiian paradise. Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to tap into your inner-islander while vacationing under the sun. Start your day with an outdoor circuit by the sea and get your heart rate soaring. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, grab your suit and head down to the ocean for a core workout SUP-style. Since you’re already out on the water, strap on some fins and a snorkel mask and take a swim in the Pacific.  

Texas Triathalon – Try your luck in the Wild West with an authentic cowboy adventure. Spend the afternoon connecting with Mother Nature while riding through the Texas Hill Country on horseback. If horseback riding comes naturally, push the limits and hop on the mechanical bull for a real test of your wild side (and core strength). Once you’ve fallen off our bucking bronco, grab your partner and cut a little rug with a lesson in a traditional Western favorite: Texas Two Step. 

Of course, all Travaasa Winter Gamers are encouraged to add a personal twist on any of these events, especially considering the official committee is tied up at the moment with more pressing matters. No one gets disqualified at Travaasa, and everyone takes home gold.