What’s manlier than Texas BBQ? Perfect for Man Month and summer, this recipe, from the purist school of Texas BBQ, will have everyone begging for seconds.

Take two or three racks of baby back pork ribs and give them a nice seasoning with Kosher salt and Black Pepper.

With a paring knife, slice between each bone on the back side of the rack to sever the thick connective tissue binding the rack together.

Place in smoker and smoke for about 5 hours (This time may need to be adjusted depending on temperature. The real test is being able to pull the bone away from the rib meat while having the rack remain intact).

The key is to have the smoker going at a slow smolder without flames.

We use Oak to smoke our ribs, but Pecan wood is also a great wood to smoke with.

If you have an infrared thermometer, check to see that your smoke is riding at about 250 degrees.

If no infrared thermometer is available, just make sure there is a nice even heat. If the ribs look like they are charring early, lightly wet the wood to retard the flame and produce more smoke.

The low heat will tenderize and melt away the connective tissue to produce tender “fall of the bone” pork ribs.

Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce.