The joys of parenthood cannot be compared to any other experience in life. Being a parent is exciting, stressful, wondrous and scary all at the same time. Moms, especially, have the innate ability to stay “on” even when they’ve only gotten eight hours of sleep in three days. As a new and young mom, it is second nature to put the needs of your family before your own and while your role is a rewarding one, it can also wear you out.

Everyone needs me time to relax and unwind, especially mothers with young, energetic children. With the flexibility of summer camp and play dates, summertime is the perfect chance to get away for a much-needed solo adventure. Not only is solo travel a luxury for young mothers, it’s also quite beneficial to your overall health.

Here are just a few ways to unwind during a solo trip:

Enjoy the silence! Try a new spa treatment, guilt and kid-free. Lounge around by the infinity pool or unwind in the sauna or spa. No matter which quiet space you choose, bask in the uninterrupted stillness of life.

Take a yoga class or try a new activity that you haven’t had time to experience before. Explore the culture and scenery of the surrounding area and linger in the silence and stillness of nature’s beauty. Spending a day alone can be surprisingly exhilarating and refreshing.

Wine and dine yourself. When was the last time you were able to enjoy a meal without wiping a young face or scooping crumbs off a high chair? Enjoy every bite of your meal and splurge on that delicious dessert without the ever approaching bedtime deadline. If you’re hesitant about dining alone in public, bring a book or a magazine to read.

The options really are endless. Make yourself a priority for a while, Mom! Enjoy a few full nights of uninterrupted sleep and really recharge your mind and body before stepping back into your favorite Mommy role at home.