Although most days feel like summer vacation here at Travaasa Destinations, today we are marking the official first day of summer ! Summer vacation brings sunshine, delicious food, friends, and outdoor adventures but there are some ways to make the most of it no matter where you are. Here is our essential “to-do” list to kick of your summer right and make the most of your summer vacation.

1. Cook Out: nothing says summer like the smell of the grill cookin’ up your favorites on your back porch with a cocktail, beer, or beverage of choice in hand. Have a family BBQ, dinner with a loved one, or just a casual cook out this summer and be sure you include a summer time favorite desert to your menu like key lime pie! YUM!



2. Soak Up the Sun: establish your summer skin tone early and head to the beach, pool, lake, or even your back yard sprinklers. Whatever it takes for you to get some positive rays and extra vitamin D in your system to make it really feel like summer. Make sure to wear SPF!



3. Go On an Adventure: bust out those tennis shoes, get on the road, and make an adventure for yourself. Whether you go on a hike, dirt biking, zip lining, ATV racing, a casual nature walk, or even a trip to the zoo – make this summer one with endless stories and exciting trips in your own home town.



 4. Relax: even though we might not get the luxury of having three months off for summer like we used to when we were kids, summer can still be a time for extra relaxation. Warm weather brings in endless opportunities for you to channel in some serenity and enjoy peaceful surroundings in the sun.


5. Travel: treat yourself to a vacation, whether its a weekend getaway to a small town, a camping trip, or a week long vacation to one of the Travaasa Destination resorts, make sure you indulge yourself in some much earned travel time this summer.