Heart Month is more than just romance, here at Travaasa! This month, we’re focused on taking care of what keeps us ticking. To help us out, our yoga and meditation experts have shared their tips and advice for keeping your heart happy.

Breathe easy.

The deep breathing that is practiced during yoga can benefit the heart. When our lungs are healthy and regularly exercised, they better expel toxins from our body and allow our heart to perform its best. The breath is such an important habit to adopt and takes practice to incorporate it in our daily activities. If you need help, we recommend our breathwork class dedicated to just that! Our experts take you through the influences breath has on energy levels, one’s state of mind, and – of course, the heart!

Strike a pose.

The heart is the focus for so many aspects in yoga. The key to seeing the benefit is using the correct postural alignment! For stretches that open the heart, our experts recommend starting your day with a Mountain Pose. It’s a wonderful way to greet the morning, focus on the breath, extend the spine and open up the heart for the day to come. If you have more time to spend on your mat, we also recommend working in a Crescent Lunge, Warrior 1 & 2 and sitting in Lotus with the hands in Lotus Mudra – the original heart opener!

Meditate More.

In addition to the yoga poses, Meditation is considered to be healing and rejuvenating because it gets one closer to the heart or the inner-self. The heart chakra we learn about in the practice, houses our emotions and affects our physical, emotional and spiritual heart is the most important chakra to nurture, balance and exercise. Practicing compassion, kindness, love and forgiveness to oneself and others will lead to unconditional love towards the self and therefore able to offer it to others.

The mindfulness in the yoga practice and meditation can promote health – beginning with the heart and leading to an overall wellbeing!