Have you ever been guilty of mindless multitasking? You know, like eating dinner in front of the TV, all while checking your e-mail and updating Facebook on your smartphone? Yep, we thought so.

All too often, our society values staying busy and getting as much done as possible in the least amount of time. But by overstretching our attention, we lose that valuable connection with everything we’re doing in the present moment. Socrates once warned, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” After all, it’s much more difficult to really taste your food, to truly enjoy a book or to fully listen to a loved one when your mind is off somewhere else.

This month at Travaasa, “Stop” is our theme—an important one, considering the stressful busy-ness often associated with the holiday season. Each of this month’s special events and activities focuses on the benefits of stopping and enjoying the present moment. At Travaasa Austin, our fitness lineup includes Recharge Your Chi, Refresh Your Mind and Recollect Your Thoughts.  At Travaasa Hana, we’re featuring an Isometric Burn class, where you’ll be blasting calories in minutes (by staying still!) through one-minute static positions. At both locations, we’ll be featuring a Gratitude Meditation session, in which you can take the time to reflect on what you’re thankful for in your daily life.

Read more about these offerings on our monthly calendar. But even if you can’t make it out to one of our luxury boutique hotels this month, make sure to take some time to STOP. And enjoy life.