With packing, checking in, flight delays, heavy traffic, and endless security lines, it’s no wonder that flying can be stressful no matter how prepared you are. Aromatherapy can you relax, ease motion sickness, and help calm a jittery traveler.

There are a few common scents that have proven helpful when in stressful situations. Here is a list of our favorite essentials oils for the traveler:

Eucalyptus – Purifying and invigorating

Geranium – Soothing, mood lifting, and balancing

Lemon – Uplifting, refreshing, and cheering

Lavender – Relaxing, normalizing, and calming

Peppermint – Vitalizing, refreshing, and cooling

Tea Tree – Cleansing, purifying, and uplifting.

Be certain that the bottles only contain 3 ounces each of oil to ensure you can take them through security. Also, since the scents can be so potent, be sure to store them in shatter-free bottles to avoid leaking.