Some people have their reservations about solo travel. Will I be able to connect with other people all by myself? Will I in fact become lonely? Will I be safe? And finally, will people think that it is odd that I am alone? The answer to all of these questions is quite simply, no.
The beauty of solo travel is that it gives you the power to do what you want, when you want and how you want. You don’t have to adhere to the wishes and needs of fellow travelers because it is all up to you. For many, this can make for one of the most relaxing, revitalizing and soul seeking journeys they’ll ever experience.
Now for those of you intrigued by the idea of solo travel, here’s an idea that encompasses all aspects of what we think makes traveling by yourself such a valuable experience; A solo travel yoga retreat.
Yoga serves as a wonderful technique that helps to heal, detoxify and unify your mind and body, through the combination of physical activity and concentrated breathing. No matter your age, strength or flexibility, yoga has a little bit to offer everyone. Perhaps most importantly, it will allow you to take a retreat from the grind of everyday life, work, kids, family and helps to achieve a sense of balance in your own life.
Find out for yourself with a day, weekend or week long yoga journey to either Travaasa Austin or Travaasa Hana, we’ll leave it up to you. Until then, Namaste friends. We hope to see you on your mat soon!