“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau 

Mr. Thoreau was definitely onto something with that one. We spend so much of our lives waiting and not enough of it doing, not to mention that time itself is a luxury that not many of us have in excess. Between family, friends, work and play, we certainly do spend a significant amount of daylight hours in the company of others, which is not always a bad thing! But how much time do we really spend with ourselves each day? How often do you take a break from your busy life to stop, decompress, learn a new skill, or take an extra long jog just because you feel like it? While enjoying the company of others is an important aspect of achieving the balance we all strive for, it’s also important to set aside time to tap into your own mind, body and spirit. What better appointment to make with yourself than a solo travel adventure?

Taking a trip alone without the influence of friends and family offers the opportunity to put your needs above anything else. Have you been trying to get through a novel for months and still find yourself opening your book to the same page in Chapter 3 every chance you get to sit down and read? Ever dreamed of escaping to a tropical paradise for a week-long yoga retreat? How about the simple desire to just be amazed by something… anything, really?! If you can relate, it might be time to take a time out from responding to the constant needs of others and embark on a solo adventure, sans outside interruptions. During Independence Month at Travaasa this July, we invite you to join us in Austin and Hana to unplug, recharge and dive in to those desires that involve you and you alone.

From the spa to the kitchen to the yoga mat, Travaasa’s Independence Month experiences lend themselves to solo travel and aim to celebrate the individuality that lives within us all. Connect with your mind through meditation sessions that can help bring awareness to your experiences and deepen your sense of openness. Learn a new skill to bring home to share with your friends and family like how to prepare authentic Texas barbeque, or how to craft the perfect summertime Happy Hour cocktail. Focus on your health and try a new fitness activity like hula hooping, aqua yoga, swing dancing or tai chi.

Whether you end your day listening to the waves break in Hana, or watching the sun dip below the trees in the Texas Hill Country, you can revel in the fact that those waves and that sunset is all for you. There is no better way to celebrate the official month of freedom than that!