Fall is the perfect time for rediscovery and we are embracing that ideal with a month of unique programming focused on uncovering  uncovering programs. Whether your soul is in need of a fitness getaway, culinary travel, or wellness retreat, there is plenty of wisdom to unlock through new experiences.

The active fitness types can challenge the physical and mental state with ‘Bare Your Soul’ by uncovering the basics of foot care and balance as the basis of health and vitality. Leave with the knowledge to nurture a healthy spine from the bottom up. With ‘Uncover your Chi’ you can learn to uncover the energy around you and foster it to find your center and balance your body. The ‘Bare your Soul Dance’ class offers a fun way to uncover the joy of dancing on your bare feet.

Culinary travel seekers will adore the ‘Mystery Box Challenge’. Participants receive a mystery box full of delicious ingredients to develop a unique recipe. In the process you will have the chance to review basic cooking skills with our chef.

Finally, for those desiring the balance of a wellness retreat, ‘Yoga ABCs’ helps to uncover the benefits of yoga and allows the mind, body, and soul to soar with new grace and light.


“Thought is the seed of action.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson