Uncover and discover the best of life at Travaasa Austin and Hana as you step into Fall. For all of our yogis out there, join us as we celebrate National Yoga Month. Here are a few September highlights:


Chakra Centered Yoga: Uncover awareness of the energetic centers of your body, the Chakras.  You will weave yantras (sacred symbols), breathing exercises, postures and guided imagery to create a direct experience of these centers that energize the body.  The completion of this journey will include deep relaxation that focuses on the integration and sharing of the experience, while holding a space to connect with your peers in silence.

Spa Experience Meditation: This Meditation practice introduces some Spa relaxing oils to help you dive into your inner self and start healing and rejuvenation of the physical and emotional body.

Pilates-“Uncover Your Powerhouse”: Joseph Pilates referred to the core as our “Powerhouse”.  It is no coincidence that this area of the body corresponds to the center of our power, the solar plexus.  Manipura is the Sanskrit name for this energetic component that houses ego, sense of humor and where we develop our will.  We will use the strengthening of the core muscles and activation of the moola bunda with intentional breath and visualization to uncover the “power” within our own “house”.

Neck and Shoulder Yoga Therapy: Use Yoga asanas to uncover your neck and shoulders imbalances and repattern your posture. Become more aware of your bandas to create support for your spine, shoulder, neck and head as you open and strengthen your heart and throat chakras.

PLAY- “Uncover your inner child”: When you watch children play, they smile, have fun and are uninhibited in their expression of pure joy.  They’re also getting exercise and without being conscious of it.  Take part in activities like jumping rope, hop scotch, base running, skipping and hot potato that may remind you of your childhood.  Maybe you’ll forget how hard you’re working too?!

Yoga Mudras-Honoring the Essential: Uncover and honor what is essential through the practice of mudras (hand yoga) and conscious breathing.  Learn yoga mudras, each distinctly related to the systems of organs and emotions within the body-mind called chakras.  Calm and focus the mind, cleanse and nourish the organs, rekindle and channel elemental energies.  Through the practice of mudras, awaken your essence and navigate life circumstances with grace, courage and joy.


Mystery Box Challenge: Uncover your cooking creativity!  You’ll receive a mystery box full of fun foods to develop your own unique recipes.  Our Culinary Team will review basic cooking skills and help guide you as you try your sill with blending new flavors.


Hana Relay: Large groups of people run on a 52 mile course from Kahului Airport along the Hāna Highway (Hwy. 360) to their finish line at the Hāna Ball Park.Hāna Ballpark was built in the 1940’s to hold the San Francisco Seals summer camp. The Seals were owned by Paul Fagan who began Travaasa Hotel Hāna in 1946 and was also the original owner of Hāna Ranch. The park is located just a few steps away from Travaasa Hotel Hāna, there will be a lot of cheering and excitement as a celebration for all of the runners participating in the relay will be held. If you see our Travaasa Van on the Hāna Highway, honk your horn and cheer for our team!