The official end of August on the calendar tends to uncover a variety of feels each year. The sadness that comes with the end of summer travel and celebrations, the mixed emotions that realize the holidays are ahead and casting your vote in the ultimate American debate – pumpkin spice enthusiast or adversary?

While each of those things can certainly be appreciated, together it can be overwhelming and challenging to productivity. We recommend breaking the cycle from the usual fall hype and make National Yoga Month your newest fall trend.

No matter your skill level or experience, making time each day for a few poses can help clear the mind and aid with focus – and not to mention, lower stress levels. Decompressing from tension is the key to improving many aspects of overall wellness, both physically and mentally, but we all struggle to make it happen.

At Travaasa, we fully support the digital detox remedy to restore relaxation – a recent study showed that regular practice of yoga and meditation can sustain that “vacation effect” to keep the daily stressors at bay long after you return home.

The good news is science won’t be ruining your travel plans with these results. Our expert yogis and meditation guides in both Austin and Hana can help you find your very own practice while enjoying a tranquil getaway at the same time. We love it when that happens. But first…

Get to know our yogis. 

P.S. – It’s okay if you’re just in it for the Savasana.