September brings us a new season and with it comes a new experience to discover. American novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald, even said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Travaasa has dedicated the month of September to discovering new things about yourself, your surroundings and your outlook on life. Whether it’s learning a new skill or rediscovering yourself from the inside out, Travaasa’s Discover Month programming will leave your mind and body feeling both challenged and refreshed. Life is all about finding the balance and the passion in all you do, so dig in and unleash the inspiration that lives within you.

Discover a peaceful mind. Clear your mind and express your thoughts on paper in a journaling class at Travaasa Austin. For a more physical discovery, connect with your inner warrior with Warrior Yoga, a class designed to build heat in the body and create strength in the legs, arms and core muscles. Experience a flow of yoga movements that will leave you feeling challenged and invigorated.

Discover your inner strength. Harness your innate ability to move through aerobic, cardio and strength exercises. Martial Arts Conditioning classes will improve your coordination, balance and body awareness through mixed martial arts movements that pack a punch and are sure to make you sweat.

Tap into the power of “mind over matter” as you traverse the Ropes Course high above the trees at Travaasa Austin. The state-of-the-art obstacle course was designed in partnership with Outward Bound Professional and incorporates vertical climbing elements for a wide range of physical ability. Begin at the Cob Web, progress over Raider Bridge, cross through the Flying V and navigate Double Trouble. The linear progression of the course concludes with an invigorating zip line flight that will put you on cloud nine as you soar through the Texas sky.

Discover the gifts of nature. Enjoy a walk through the Hana ranch pasture along the spectacular coastline as our local guides point out various native plants and notable points of interest. Sites include Hana’s former plantation camps, the historic Japanese and Chinese cemeteries and Pu’u ‘O Ka’uiki and ‘Alau Island.

Discover tasty treats. Learn about Hana’s wide variety of exotic produce on a fruit tasting tour where you’ll stroll through the lush forests sprinkled with spectacular fruit trees. Pick and eat juicy papaya, passion fruit and more, fresh from their branches. In Austin, celebrate healthy living and being in harmony with nature through a juicing class.

Discover local culture. In Hawaiian culture, it is tradition to welcome visitors to the islands with a Ti-Leaf lei adorned with Plumeria blooms. Learn the techniques to make your own in a lei-making class or test your strength in coconut-husking.

No matter what kind of personal discovery you seek this fall, Travaasa has the experience and the enthusiasm to help you uncover it.