Each fall, the leaves begin to change colors, the summer days start to cool and the farm team at Travaasa Austin prepare to harvest a season full of fresh ingredients that make their way to The Preserve Kitchen + Bar.

Kim, our resident Farm Manager, along with her hardworking crew of Katie, Dylan & Michele, run the show on our 3.25 acres of working space. The Texas heat creates its own climate challenges for farmers throughout the state, but our location with a cooler grove area at the base of our crops.

The new chickens that call Travaasa home aren’t babies anymore. They’re growing up, and like any teenager, they’re taking on their own identities and personalities… both of which just so happen to resemble rock stars (or at least, that’s what we thought when we named them).


Celeb sighting: Ziggy Stardust waits for Elvis, Rod Stewart & David Bowie to start the tractor.

When it comes to crops, the farm has all of classic fall favorites coming in: butternut squash, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and a few pumpkins for pies, too – but it’s actually green that is the color of the season for Kim.

She is especially excited about the flavors of the collard greens, spinach and salad mix that have taken, thanks to the help of Cypress Creek. The cold spring is an aquifer fed, year round creek that flows into lake Travis that stays around 68℉ and has created a unique soil composition. Unlike so many other growing conditions throughout Texas, the cooler temperature and access to regular hydration make for a different variety of these crops.

And it doesn’t stop there… this season, The Preserve Kitchen + Bar will receive fresh batches of cabbage, sugar snap peas, bok choy, okra, spinach, turnips, cauliflower, radishes and bush beans to name a few.

The farm has come a long way since being a plot of land in 2013. What was once a blank slate, is now decorated with beautiful squash blossoms lining one side of the perimeter. On any given day you can see, chicken tractors working their way through the fields, tours being given and Kim is teaching classes about herbal medicine and tinctures. This year, the farm saw the addition of a beautiful trellis fit for farm dinners, too.

Behind the scenes, there is even more happening! Kim and crew are continuing to work towards preparing for the winter frost, planting what can make it through the spring and working towards zero waste initiatives wherever possible.