Summer is winding down and it is time to sharpen pencils for the approaching school year. Take advantage of the clean slate ahead of you with a smart start. Our organization tips will help parents survive back-to-school with less stress.

Create a Routine

Rather than waiting until the night before the bell rings, begin developing a sleeping and eating schedule now to form good habits for the upcoming school year. Get to bed earlier, set your alarm for an early rise, and eat three solid meals with an “after-school” time snack daily.


Family Calendar

Post a large calendar in the kitchen or somewhere the entire family has access to. Begin by marking holidays, days off, and special events. Designate a color for each child to note after-school activities, field trips, hot lunch days, etc. Allow your children to jot down their own major homework assignments and exam dates.


Organize the Closet

Move summer apparel to the back of the closet and bottom of the dresser. Dust off sweaters and jackets from storage. Hang and fold fall clothing in neat groupings of tops, pants, and sweaters. Keep a pile of out-grown threads for Goodwill. Socks! We tend to forget about this accessory during sandal season, so purchase some fresh fall socks, an affordable wardrobe indulgence.



Is there anything more daunting than back-to-school shopping? A new year and a new set of essentials. Sales start in mid-July, so now is the time to hit the stores. Ask your school for a supply list. Check off any hand-me-downs or items you already have. Once you enter the shops, avoid the front display as the best deals are within the aisles. Mind your budget by comparing notebook brand prices and surf online for deals on expensive items. Don’t neglect items that are not on school lists like sandwich bags, lunch boxes, and packaged snacks.


Practice Makes Perfect

Be sure that you and your kids are familiar with the school route. If your child is riding the bus, walk together to the pick-up locale ahead of time. Even better, drive to school and walk the halls to their fall classroom.