Late summer is a time replete with the excitement of the London Summer Olympic Games and anticipation of returning back to school. Before mundane back to school activities begin, channel you inner Olympian and plan a trip to Travaasa for workouts and experiences inspired by the summer games.


Equestrian matches made their Olympic debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. The equestrian event is the only Olympic series that involve animals, and even considers the horse as much athlete as the rider. Modern Olympic equine is rooted in cavalry skills and classical horsemanship. The current Olympic equestrian disciplines are jumping, dressage, and eventing.

At Travaasa Austin, you can develop your self-awareness through close interaction with this remarkable creature.  A one-hour riding lesson in the Travaasa Arena with one of our Olympic-worthy Western cowboys will focus on building core strength while connecting with your horse. and allow our equine team to guide you on a journey of heightened personal understanding. Our equine team will teach you to lead and project your intentions; no previous horse experience is needed.

On the Pacific coast, you may develop equine skills through Trail Rides at Travaasa Hana. Hawaiian cowboys or Paniolo’s have ridden the unspoiled slopes, plains and coastline for over 175 years – longer than the Olympic equestrian debut. Our equine experience is heightened by the amazing natural beauty Hana’s extensive trail system. A native tour guide will share stories of the Maui terroir and its people as you bond with your horse.








Archery has been contested in 14 Olympics after entering the games in the 1900 Paris Summer Olympics. The distance from the archer to the target is 70 meters in Modern Olympic archery. At Travaasa Austin, the target distance is not quite as daunting. Here beginners can learn the fundamentals of archery while boosting mental attention and connecting your breath to physical performance. Instructors will share techniques to build your patience, focus, and flexibility – all skills that are continually manifested by Olympian level archers.








Rowing has been part of the Summer Olympics since the 1900 games in Paris. The modern six boat side-by-side format has been the standard since the 1956 Olympic Games. Our interpretation of rowing at Travaasa Hana does not require a crew or a course – just yourself, a board, and a row on the vast ocean. Stand Up Paddling, or Hoe he’e nalu, has a rich Hawaiian heritage that is reemerging as a popular activity all over the world. Cross-athletes and Olympians alike love its strong core workout and balance building effect. At Travaasa this is an experience in fitness and beautiful sight seeing of Hana Bay.

Floor Routine

The history of gymnastics dates back to the early Greek civilization, who believed that physical fitness was paramount. Floor Gymnastics was first introduced into the Olympics as an individual medal sport in 1936. Modern floor routines are a choreographed exercise composed of acrobatic and dance elements. This event allows the gymnast to express personality through her dance and musical style more than any other Olympic event. At Travaasa Austin, Dance Fitness allows our guests to experience the freedom of movement and musical beats. Our class incorporates Latin dance, hip-hop, belly dancing and Reggaeton (a form of Latin hip-hop) choreography to tone the entire body. Interval training keeps the body at a consistent fat-burning level throughout, while you just feel as if you are at a dance party.

After breaking a sweat and honing your Olympian skills at Travaasa, you will leave feeling empowered and ready to take on back to school activities!