Book Club

For adults and elementary students alike, back to school means sticking your nose in the books. Gather a group of interesting girlfriends and create a list of classic, contemporary, historical, and irreverent fiction picks that will engage exciting conversation. Rotate hostess homes and lubricate the discussion with delicious snacks and plenty of wine. This is not your typical classroom, after all.



Take a recess break to unwind from the chaos of back to school shopping, scheduling and carpools. Holistic spa treatments are not only an experience in pampering, but a place to revitalize and recharge the body and soul. Select a massage that provides the nurturing you need. Our favorite back to school activity is a detoxifying juniper and olive stone exfoliation, polish, and massage.


Boot Camp

Many of us suffer from the undesired aftermath of a summer stuffed with barbecue burgers and margaritas. Pump up endorphins that will help you manage through the stress of an intense fall work load. Test out a variety of fun fitness classes at the gym or breathe in the cool fall air with an outdoor jog. Whether you prefer the mental balance of a Vinyasa flow or the rigor of a cardio resistance sculpt, Travaasa has a fitness routine for everyone. Shedding the extra lethargic pounds and clearing your head will  have extra energy to be more productive at home or in the office.



Cooking Class

Dazzle your family when they come home from school or the office with an impressive healthy dinner. Breaking bread at home on a regular basis is a wonderful way to tune out distractions and share quality time after a busy day. Rather than ordering in or sticking to the “usual,” enroll in a cooking class that pushes your boundaries. If you are a novice, begin with a Basic Culinary Skills course. For the more advanced, try something more adventurous like an exotic Asian cuisine class or a classic French style – back to school activities à la Julia Child.