In Hana, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration in every direction. Recently, we had a guest who was able to capture the essence of that beauty and share it with the world. Talented photographer and world traveler, Dan Fogarty, shares his experiences through his stunning images on his blog, You Should Go Here. His recent trek through our humble Hana resulted in an extraordinary photo essay that has left us in awe.

Please enjoy the first installment of a two-part series, which covers Dan’s shots from the bungalows and beaches of Travaasa Hana. Read on for an insider view of our island paradise!

I was in Maui the week before last scoping out a new project and got a chance to stay at the cool Travaasa experiential resort on the totally chill side of the island, at the receiving end of the Road to Hana. A lot of people take the white-knuckle drive, turn around and drive back the same day. But Hana is a world away from the Resort Crazy, white socks, white sneakers and muscle shirts (when did those come back in style? And why?) at the other end of the island. This is the way to do it.

Follow along with my island adventure:

Travaasa Hana Ocean Bungalows

I love nice hotels and seek them out all over, but few can compare with the views of these bungalows, smack overlooking the angry waves crushing against the black lava shore. I was right on the water and slept with the doors wide open each night, listening to the roooaaaarrrr.


Travaasa Hana Ocean Bungalow View

Another view from my ocean bungalow. A good position to be in.


Travaasa Hana Hot Tub

Tub > Ocean (But it’s wonderful to have both as an option!)


Travaasa Hana Sunrise

Alarm clock.


Travaasa Hana Pool

Cool pool!


Travaasa Hana Hamoa Beach

Travaasa has a cool private beach club on Hamoa Beach just down the road. Hardly anyone there … You just have to sit there and stare at those really gross hues of blue and green next to jet black lava rock… Yuck. So uuugggly… Everyone should just stay home. You won’t like it… 😉


Travaasa Hana Hamoa Beach Shore

Hamoa Beach, Hana. This place looks like an American Express ad. I’d like the thank the Prop Department for planting those cool trees way in the back…


Travaasa Hana Church

Palm tree processional.


Travaasa Hana Banyan Tree

Now this is a tree. Look at those wee little people learning Hawaiian throw net fishing under its gigantor limbs. You could fit an entire hour-late gate at Laguardia under that thing. I was hustling back to my room trying to beat an afternoon rain storm and this beast stopped me dead in my tracks. What’s the rush? I ended up soaked to the gills, just sitting there in awe, watching it bow in the breeze, laughing off the storm like it was nothing. As it has done for a hundred years. I felt so small, a tiny leaf hanging on to this great world.

Next week we’ll be sharing the stunning images and story of Dan’s Glider adventure over the mountains and craters of Maui. Get a sneak peek of what you’ll find out about hanging out over Hana.

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