In August, Austin has an art exhibit called “Farmer As Artist” to celebrate the creative energy that goes into farming. Small scale farming is both an art and a science.

Fun Fact:

Travaasa’s farm manager actually came into farming by way of documentary photography.

She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in photojournalism and environmental studies. Prior to farming, Kim spent a lot of time traveling around the US photographing wild places and portraits of the people she met. Since taking on full-time farming most creative energy gets channeled either into either growing food or cooking it at the end of the day, but partially as a source of joy and partially for record keeping there is an ongoing daily documentation of simple moments that play in the life of a farmer.

After four years of building out Travaasa’s farm from scratch, the daily captures show a bigger story. The farm ages and evolves over time as do the people, plants, and animals.

To see the story of building our farm through photography come visit the Prizer Gallery on Saturday, August 27th or view the work from Travaasa’s farm manager Kim and other Austin farmers through the whole month of September.