Harvest your best memories at Travaasa Austin and Hana this October. Delve into some autumn season activities including classic pumpkin recipes, endless fitness and wellness, and weeks full of Halloween and Hawaiian culture. Here are some special October highlights:


Harvest better posture, balance, and power as you Recap your Core to activate intrinsic muscles and discover your girdle of strength beneath the surface.

Pilates Seeds for Centering teaches the method to control the muscles along your spine. Use mindfulness of breath and movement to help you center and find balance within you.

Go nuts with Coconuts is a feature fitness class during Harvest month at Travaasa.  This circuit class revs up every muscle of the body with 30 second to one minute station circulations that are sure to sweat you into shape. Exercises include: soccer toss, jump shot, figure eight, triceps dip, coco shuttle, push up, Russian twists, planks, balance, coco hop/shuffle/side hop, coco break dance, and coco squat.


Journaling Harvest Special is an experience that will bring you back to simple appreciation in October. Journey into your special times and harvest your memories in a journal to revive and engulf yourself into warm feelings.


Discover the bounty of nature with our Food and Field Adventure Guide who will teach you how to identify and prepare edible plants that surround you in the environment.


There’s more to pumpkin than a jack-o-lantern or grandma’s pie! Learn several delectable ways to prepare Pumpkin and Squash for the ultimate autumn experience at Travaasa.

Classic seasonal brews and pumpkin ales are featured this October. Participate in Brewing Pumpkins where our beermeister has selected some of these delicious brews for you to sample and toast to the spirit of the season.


Join in Ghost Stories around the Fire to bring out the October Halloween spirit. Circle around the Travaasa campfire to hear about our local ghosts in residence as well as share other ghostly tales from the beyond.

Mark your calendars for the Joyful Horse Tribute Benefit Concert at Travaasa Austin, October 18, 2013, where Mike Beck will be performing an acoustic solo benefit concert in support of this project and our veterans program.

Last but not least, find out what makes Aloha Festivals so special when Maui Nui’s premiere cultural showcase comes to Travaasa Hana, October 19 during Aloha Week. Kicking off with a parade in Hana, the weeklong festivities continue with live music and entertainment, Hawaiian games, outdoor adventures, cultural tours, and more to celebrate Hawaiian culture in Hana, and the best part…all for free!

View Travaasa Austin Experience Schedule and the Travaasa Hana Experience Schedule for activity times and dates.