Travaasa Austin Spa Director, Maggie Wagner explains why professional spa facials are beneficial for both your face and your stress level.

We all know taking care of your skin is extremely important.  While I love ‘at home’ facials for the sheer fact that they help me maintain my regular skincare routine, there is not a product out there that compares to a professional spa facial. Too many blogs, blurbs and articles focus on ‘at home’ skincare routines and completely omit the importance of professional care for facial treatments. To maintain healthy skin, we recommended getting one professional facial each month.

In order to properly nourish the skin, a knowledgeable esthetician should perform a through skin analysis to ensure you receive the proper facial for your skin type. They can also address any concerns that you might have about the treatment in general, as well as its notable benefits. A spa facial can sometimes include extractions, which you should never try to do yourself. Only a skilled esthetican should perform extractions to avoid damage and scarring to your skin. Outside of using the appropriate products, cleansers, masks and exfoliation, the most beneficial aspect of a spa facial is the relaxation and rejuvenation you will experience while doing something rewarding for yourself. Your skin will surely thank you!