Getting in shape and making positive lifestyle, diet and fitness choices can be a hurdle that many people face.  Travaasa Austin’s Fitness and Wellness instructor Jillian gives 5 tips for staying on track and getting healthy and happy.

  • 1. Change  your thoughts to be lean, strong and healthy.  Keep thoughts positive.
  • 2. For your workout: Instead of counting reps, say positive affirmations such as Rep 1: “I am lean” Rep 2: “I am strong.” Rep 3: “I am healthy.” and so on….
  • 3. Think about how good you are going to feel AFTER your workout…focus on that feeling to.  Motivate yourself to DO the workout.   Same thing with food.  Think about how good you are going to feel after eating healthy.
  • 4. Visualize how you would like to look.  Imagine how you would FEEL being lean, strong and healthy. Now, stay with that thought, feeling and visual.
  • 5. Written affirmations:  For any goal in life…write it down.  Whatever it is you would like to become, write it down…everyday. Start every sentence with “I  AM…”  In other words, don’t “want” it…Become it.