As one of the most common forms of yoga practiced by Westerners, Hatha may not be anything out of the ordinary to you but practicing it in Hāna elevates it to an uncommonly spectacular level.

With Travaasa Hāna’s Restorative Hatha yoga class, you’ll start your morning off fresh with traditional Sun Salutations (a linking of breath and motion) and other Hatha yoga poses. Restorative Hatha is most beneficial as a morning practice, as the body and mind are more receptive. And with the majestic Pacific Ocean and Hāna hills as your backdrop, this is truly an experience unlike any other in the world.

First timers are more than welcome to join seasoned Hatha practitioners as this is a class aimed at everyone and moves at a pace you’ll be comfortable with. After all, what’s the big hurry? The goal of Restorative Hatha yoga is to energize your body and mind.

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